Robotics Process Automation has been around for a while now. But it is still the early days. People with knowledge and experience are dotted across the world. The consultancies are catching up fast, but they still take time (and money) to get you the information you need. So, we to help spread knowledge about Robotic Process Automation.

Robotics Process Automation

In corporate finance, automation changed the game. Accountants and other financial professionals once tasked with manual processes and number-crunching were freed up to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Robotics process automation (RPA) is a recent favorite among some B2B FinTechs. Corporate accounting software company Gappify, for instance, announced only weeks ago that it is rolling out an RPA-fueled bot to automate many accounting processes — that is, to automate processes without requiring human intervention to initiate that automation. RPA-based solution to help companies more easily access data stored within on-premise ERP systems.

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