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Adven Technologies offers a full breadth of SASĀ® Solution implementation steps from strategic planning, installation and configuration, data services, report and application development, to training and ongoing SAS administration support

Strategic Planning

Using a revolutionary approach that brings the organization together to determine relationship analysis and critical success factors, the information is then prioritized for the business intelligence implementation so it corresponds to the most needed areas of the business, generating more valuable results quicker.

Installation and Configuration

Adven Technologies has performed SASĀ®9 implementations across multiple platforms and industries demonstrating subject matter expertise by completing installations consistently over time. Adven Technologies has defined a methodology for configuration that provides clients with the flexibility to reduce consulting time by completing certain tasks before the project begins.

Why Adven Tech?

We provide the following Software Development services:

Architectural Consulting:

Our Architectural consulting service creates a robust architecture for an application that is scalable, secure, and reliable. An accurate architecture helps to develop the correct solution. We create the technology platform, physical architecture, software architecture, and network architecture. We also develop an information architecture that helps us to map the exact flow of information needed in the application.

The Architecture is the logic and backbone on which the application is built with user-friendly navigations. The logical connection between different parts of the project is defined by an architectural blueprint that is clear, easy to follow, and complete.

Product Engineering & Re-Engineering:

Regular & constant changes in the market trends, technology advancements, and growing customer needs pose a challenge to product development organizations and product evolvement becomes inevitable. To understand the prospects and update the product accordingly is the need of time. Our Product Engineering services help your organization in product updates within minimal costs and a short time frame.

Our approach to product engineering

Our expertise in various domains and technologies has helped many of our clients to evolve their software product as per the market trends. Our product engineering services enhances your software product to improve market-to-time capabilities and make it efficient to incorporate any future updates.

Adven Tech has successfully executed projects involving re-engineering of existing legacy application. We have been involved in migrating legacy applications to the latest technology applications. We have also been involved in providing user manuals and other documentation.