Our consulting services involve a wide range of services like Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, SAP Practice, Staff Augmentation.

Business Intelligence

With our business intelligence that includes courses from Dell, , Oracle, and SAP, you can develop solid business intelligence and analytical skills and learn how to access the right data to enable you to make better-informed decisions in less time.

These courses help you reach the next level in your career as you learn to use business intelligence systems that reduce the complexity of organizing and distributing business information.



Adven Technologies Technologies offers a full breadth of SAS® Solution implementation steps from strategic planning, installation and configuration, data services, report and application development, to training and ongoing SAS administration support.

Strategic Planning

Using a revolutionary approach that brings the organization together to determine relationship analysis and critical success factors, the information is then prioritized for the business intelligence implementation so it corresponds to the most needed areas of the business, generating more valuable results quicker.

Installation and Configuration

Adven Technologies Technologies has performed SAS®9 implementations across multiple platforms and industries demonstrating subject matter expertise by completing installations consistently over time. Adven Technologies Technologies has defined a methodology for configuration that provides clients with the flexibility to reduce consulting time by completing certain tasks before the project begins.


With our business intelligence that includes courses from Dell, , Oracle, and SAP, you can develop solid business intelligence and analytical skills and learn how to access the right data to enable you to make better-informed decisions in less time.

These courses help you reach the next level in your career as you learn to use business intelligence systems that reduce the complexity of organizing and distributing business information.


Data Processing, Quality, and Storage

Solution Expertise eliminates lost time and money on large projects through data quality, process integrity, consistency and best practices.

Report and Application Development

Solving customer problems by not only implementing requests but by asking the right questions and providing recommendations to accomplish the ultimate goals of the project.

Our Consulting Services in Pentaho include and not limited to

IBM Datastage

How often have you felt the need to analyze the performance of your projects and use it for making decisions? A good Business Intelligence tool will give you the power to make your organization efficient, focused and successful.

Using business intelligence software you can understand the complete picture in real-time. You can extract useful information about customer interactions from data stored in your CRM and ERP systems. You can understand shortcomings in your product or service, delivery and billing processes. OBIEE is one such premier business intelligence software that contains various components to help you do it well.

The BI Server – Allows users to access the built-in functionality of all the components of OBIEE (Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition). It is a common enterprise business model and abstraction layer.


Big Data Analytics

According to Gartner, through 2015 more than 85% of Fortune 500 organizations will fail to effectively use big data. The reason is that the size, complexity of formats, and speed of delivery will exceed the capabilities of traditional data management technologies. Having experience in installing, configuring, and tuning deployments for large-scale systems, the team of Hadoop developers at Adven Technologiess can help software companies to address their data processing needs related to data mining, analysis, scaling, etc. Adven Technologiess has implemented Hadoop solutions for a number of projects that included speeding up the search process and search filtering, building a search recommendation engine, dataset mining and aggregation, data warehousing, real-time reporting, and more.


Staff Augmentation

Adven Technologies provides an Information Technology contract Consultants specializing in Applications development, Infrastructure support, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Data Warehousing, and Database. Our client-base is broad, ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies and stretching across numerous verticals. Among these markets are Communications, Construction, Financial/Banking, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Biotechnology, Government, Healthcare/Medical Institutions, Education, Insurance, Legal, Marketing/Media, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Technology and Utilities.


Our success is simply the result of hard work. No staffing company will work harder to fill your IT positions or find you that perfect IT job. We are willing to run harder and faster than our competitors to provide quality in a timely fashion.

Adven Technologiess’s Staffing team has over 3 decades of experience in the IT staffing and recruiting world. As a result, relationships have been fostered and strengthened over the years. To the prospective Job Seeker, this translates into getting that critical first interview or the ever-important “fot in the door”.

Whether you’re a hiring manager looking to fill your IT positions, or a prospective candidate looking for your next IT job, Adven Technologiess will be there to assist you.

How are we different from our competitors?

We assist candidates who are already employed and who have a proven track record of success by building a career for them. Although they might not be eager for the change, these people are excited and motivated by new and interesting opportunities that will enhance their career.

Because we have a clear picture of your company and industry, we’re able to highlight the benefits and define the advantage that they’ll get by working for you. Subsequently, when we present an exceptional person to you, we will highlight their accomplishments in addition to outlining what they can do for your company.

Technology Expertise Coupled with Industry EXPERIENCE

As we focus on IT, and we specialize in core industry vertical markets, we provide technical professionals who have specific expertise in specialized areas.

Our vertical familiarization allows us to know who the players are in your industry, key people working for your competitors and where your industry is headed. Consequently, by becoming knowledgeable in your industry, we’re able to find you people with industry-specific experience and use this critical information to secure their acceptance of your offer.

Technical skills are only a part of our rigorous selection criteria. We take the time to seek out individuals who share our commitment to the work we do and the clients we serve. It’s this combination of technical abilities and integrity that makes our technical professionals truly exceptional.

Quick Turn Around

Our recruiting model is built on establishing relationships with our technical professionals, which results in many benefits for our customers, not to mention the ability to retain the best talent. We have our recruiting engine comprising team of recruiters working in particular technologies. Each Team focusing on particular technology constantly speaks with technical experts in that technology day in and day out developing relationship. So when you have a need we already know people who would be the best fit for your need.


Immediate access to a highly-qualified and experienced pool of IT talents. Bringing on contract resources greatly reduces the issues of company liability as opposed to directly working with independent consultants. Contractor helps to fill in the gaps caused by pivotal short-term corporate projects, without being left with an employee whose skills no longer match your department’s needs.

Monitoring the performance of our consultants on a continual basis to ensure we’re providing you with the talent you need. Adven Technologies will assume the costs associated with payroll taxes and deductions, benefits administration, withholding, workman’s comp and drug and background screening.

Because of our long-standing relationships with our IT contract employees, you can request the same IT consultant for recurring projects and Adven Technologies will do our best to send you the same person if he or she is available.


Upon completion of a six month contract period, Adven Technologies consultants are available to our clients for permanent hire at no conversion fee. Our contract to perm offers our clients a great amount of flexibility in how they staff, the candidates they choose, and how they pay for services rendered. bility to bring a resource on immediately on contract-to-perm basis to mitigate any slow down in projects. Contract-to-Perm gives you more flexibility in paying for a new employee’s acquisition with several options.